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Detroit, MI; Portland, OR; Miami, FL; San Diego, CA; and Las Vegas, NV were the top 5 destinations for the 2022 Purge [link to:]. But a lot can change in a year!

Here’s a current rundown of what the NFFA is predicting will be national hot spots for the upcoming event. If you live in one of these cities or plan to travel to one (like last year, 2023 Purge travel remains tax deductible), it is recommended that you start preparing now.

5. San Francisco, CA

The technology boom has shown an influx of smart businesses and brought a staggering amount of money to the Bay Area over the last 30 years. It’s also brought major class tension that the Purge is designed to dispel. Note: For those that can’t make it, our nation’s most tech savvy city will be streaming its entire downtown surveillance feed live on the web.

4. Los Angeles, CA

Further south, Los Angeles has become a major player in the Purge over the last few years. While it boasts a massive population, it’s sprawling landscape once acted as a deterrent to hunters who found its pocket neighborhoods too limiting. The latest revival of Downtown L.A.’s historic core, however, now serves as a hub for Purge fanatics looking to let loose, so expect it to get wild.

3. New Orleans, LA

What lurks in the dark corners of the bayou? Some of the country’s most vocal and ardent Purge supporters, of course. Last year’s news of a band of hunters eliminating targets with the help of alligators still has everyone talking, and we expect that curiosity to make NOLA a major Purge destination this year.

2. New York, NY

With all 5 boroughs now offering housing subsidies to those that can prove their Purge participation, this will be the year that New York residents get out of their apartments and into the streets.

1. Las Vegas, NV

Sin City remains in the top spot for another year. The dry desert climate and over-the-top Purge night deals make it a destination without compare. Here, as usual, the Strip will be lit up like a carnival where anything and everything goes, and many casinos will have special Purge-style gambling incentives for hunters looking to truly go all or nothing.

Don’t forget: If you are traveling to a new area to purge, we strongly advise arriving early to better familiarize yourself with the area.


This time of year, our nation’s firing ranges are routinely booked with dedicated citizens looking to shore up their firing skills before the big night. If you delayed making an appointment at your favorite gallery or don’t live in the country where there’s plenty of open space to practice, you might be surprised to learn that there are alternatives—inside your own home.

Researchers at Brown University have spent the past several years conducting a study on videogames and their impact on Purge proceedings, namely handgun accuracy and sudden movement response times. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the results show that first-person shooter videogames play a dramatic part in improving aim and response. Subjects that played, on average, 10 hours of videogames a week were 15% more likely to hit a real world target on their first try. Meanwhile, subjects that played no videogames reacted 30% slower to a sudden attack or assault when compared to those that routinely played games.

This is a decided turn away from the old adage that a videogame rots one’s brain. With studies like these, the next time a parent tells their child to unplug, they may have to consider the benefits such games possess and how those benefits are also helping to heal our great nation.


The Senate will vote in the coming weeks on another important bill related to the Purge. Like 2022’s failed measure to extend the Purge from 12 to 18 hours, the new proposal aims to make an adjustment to our hallowed 28th Amendment by increasing the legal purging age from 13 to 16. Once again it’s just as divisive a debate.

Those in support of the new measure, like Senator Linda Schiff (NFFA-FL) who has spearheaded the campaign, cite statistics compiled over the last several years. “It is a fact that our 13- to 15-year-old children make up nearly 19% of all fatalities on Purge night. And that percentage has increased over the last 3 years. Soon it will stand at a quarter.” While Schiff readily admits the Purge positively benefits the country, she isn’t so quick to dismiss the figures. “Simply put: it’s clear our children just aren’t ready at the age of 13.”

Her opponents might agree. Senator Edgar Elbie (NFFA-NY) admits, “The figures are troubling.” Those opposed, however, hold fast to the traditionalism of the 28th Amendment and fear any changes could have a dire snowball effect. “It’s entirely unnecessary for the nation. It opens the door to further debate, and that’s simply not a proper use of the taxpayer’s money. Their are better ways to solve the problem. Improved Purge education and parental incentives are just a few of them. I truly believe we can approach the issue without passing a sweeping measure that rewrites history.”

If the measure were to pass, new legislation would not take effect until next year’s 2025 Purge.


We know one of many things on parents’ minds this time of year is the Purge and how best to celebrate that special night. But another concern is how best to explain the night’s events to children, who can have questions about violence or express an early desire to participate themselves.

Child psychologist Linda Ratner offers some advice: “Don’t avoid the questions or try to hide the facts from your little ones. Being able to have an open dialogue, early and often, has shown to be advantageous in a child’s psycho-developmental growth.”

When discussing the Purge with your son or daughter, here are some things to remember:

The Purge is a result of our nation’s dire need to end an era of poverty, violence, and crime.

It is a night that, year after year, has saved our country—and it is good.

It is normal to feel violence and rage, and the Purge has established a lawful and healthy outlet for those feelings.

If your children are old enough, perhaps you might share a story from your youth prior to the Purge, from a time not too long ago when our nation was facing destruction, plagued by unemployment and soaring crime rates. Some have found this added perspective to be valuable (it’s also the purpose behind the passing of the American Historical Act in 2021).

Above all, your New Founders urge you to embrace the night with your loved ones no matter their age, stressing that it is not a night of shame or fear; it is truly a night of celebration, a night when our nation is reborn!


The New Founders of America are forever working to strengthen our great nation. If you have yet to take part in our informal poll, now is the time to make sure your voice is heard! We are currently considering a variety of measures to further improve the vitality of our nation reborn via the Purge.

Take a look at some of the potential changes below, then visit Voices of New America to rank your favorites!

Measure A: Extend the annual Purge hours

Measure B: Replace the failed Social Security scheme with a contribution-based Purge pension plan

Measure C: Raise the legal purging age

Measure D: Make Purge and Purge security expenses tax deductible

Measure E: Ban disguises

Measure F: Loosen weapon restrictions

Measure G: Allow state governments to pass local Purge laws

As you make your selections, we proudly remind you to think of all the good the Purge does. Blessed be America, a nation reborn!



As so many of you already know, nearly anything goes on our nation’s most important night—except for the use of Class IV weapons. And while we understand outlawing the use of bombs and other such artillery may feel overly restrictive to some citizens, we still feel there are a broad range of products available to ensure Purge night continues to be a vital success for all.

If a simple handgun or bat is no longer enough, here are 5 hot items you may want to consider come July 18.

1. Night-vision Goggles (with heat sensor)

Many citizens have reported greater satisfaction performing what is known as the “sudden slay” or “surprise slay.” With night vision goggles—many now made with built-in heat sensors—you’ll be able to use the dark of night to your advantage, sneaking up on targets with ease.

2. Black Flag™ Smoke Bomb

One bomb that is approved for use on Purge night: Black Flag™ smoke bombs. Not only does the colored smoke distract targets, it’s also formulated to cause immediate and severely disorienting hallucinations when inhaled. Because its effects wear off rather quickly, this instrument is completely legal in reference to viral contagions under Section 3 of the 28th Amendment, but it is **not recommended for use without a gas mask.**

3. Finders Keepers App

Download and install this handy application on your mobile device to keep track of friends or enemies. The simple interface only works on Purge night, but it allows users to monitor the GPS signal of any cellular phone that is powered on. All you need is the phone number you want to track!

4. Bulletproof Jumpsuit

Offered in styles for both men and women, and produced by leading fashion designer Albert Duchet, these stylish, low-weight black jumpsuits combine all the comfort of a night on the town with all the protection of a military-grade suit of armor. The Purge never looked so good.

5. Easy Archer™ T-023 Crossbow Kit

Crossbows were once thought to be old and unwieldy, but now they’re back. When you can reuse arrows, you’ll never run out of ammunition! We recommend getting the T-023 from Easy Archer™ because it comes with a high tech laser sight system that makes hitting your target a sure thing.


With only four months until the most important night of 2023, the country is still overwhelmed by the success of last year’s Purge. We continue to see the positive effects as they ripple across our ever-strengthened nation, in the form of a hearty economic growth, lowered crime, and further dwindling unemployment rates.

Research from New Founders Institute of Justice (NFIJ) reveal that our murder rates have now fallen 12% (an improvement from 9.2%), forcible rape to 18% (an improvement from 16.5%), and aggravated assault to 9.2% (an improvement from 7%).

Meanwhile, it is with extreme pride that we announce our unemployment rates have reached that coveted all-time low of 0.85%, a figure that was previously thought impossible.

These are steady, marked improvements compared to data from the year prior to the great First Purge of 2017. And these are not statistics that we could boast on our own. Keep in mind, these are statistics that you, the American people, have made possible by exercising your constitutional right to purge. Take a moment to be proud of your contribution, and imagine what we can further accomplish together with the upcoming Purge.

In the months and the weeks and the days ahead, leading up our most vital July 18, we proudly remind you to never forget, America: You are reborn!


Due to extremely dry weather conditions in the Midwest, a shortage of traditional wild Blue Baptisia—the nation’s beloved symbol of the Purge—has been rumored for this year’s big night.

Florists, however, are urging customers not to panic just yet, as preparations are already being made to meet the great demand.

“The best way to avoid the shortage is simply to plan ahead,” says Minneapolis florist Nick White. “And that’s what we’re doing.” White, along with many others in the region, have already begun to cultivate America’s favorite bloom in a greenhouse setting. “It’s more expensive for us and the flowers don’t quite get that deep true blue, but it’s worth it and we will have Baptisias.”

White adds, “Our biggest two weeks of the year are always those leading up to the Purge on July 18.” His Minnesota flower shop now does more business in that stretch than on Valentine’s Day and Christmas—combined. “People love them. They’re beautiful. They’re patriotic. And they’re a symbol for how far we’ve come as a nation.”


(Article originally appeared in the January 9, 2023 issue of WE WEEKLY Magazine; reprinted with permission.)

Hollywood’s current It-girl, star of last summer’s blockbuster SHARKBAIT and the upcoming SHARKBAIT 2: ISLANDS OF TERROR, is the perfect all-American girl next door. And if that isn’t enough, here are 3 more reasons WE would love to be her BFF!

3. WE need her fashion advice!

Lacey is a staple at New York Fashion Week, where she’s regularly spotted sitting in the front row. Plus, she’s never afraid to rock a new trend in her personal life. Who can forget that massive fur belt she was snapped wearing on her vacation in France?! “Fashion is like playing in a sandbox,” she said at a recent premiere. “Except you don’t get gross or dirty.”

2. WE want to hang with her on Purge night!

Lacey has always used her celebrity to promote the benefits of America’s Purge, and the paparazzi photos of her wild night last year have been circulated far and wide. This year, the 26-year-old beauty says she’s looking forward to the important event, but it will be a much quieter affair: “I’m excited because I’ve already upgraded my old Sandin Security system with a sick new one from G&D Securities. My best girlfriends are coming over for sangria, and I can’t wait to toast the night that way.”

1. WE know she’d treat us like royalty!

When she’s not on set, Lacey is constantly updating her social media to reveal how she and her friends love to unwind—whether it’s on a yacht in Miami or making homemade pizzas at her house in Los Angeles. “I love-love-love to spoil my friends,” she says.

So where do we sign up? —Agnes Grossman


NFA Seal

Fellow citizens of America, a Nation reborn:

Six years ago, we, the New Founders of America, came together from all sides of the political spectrum around a common dream–the dream of a Nation reborn.

We refused to accept that the price of progress was economic turmoil. We refused to believe that rampant crime and a dissolute future for our country was inevitable. And we refused to allow bipartisanism to continue standing in the way of change.

We asked you, fine citizens of the home of the brave, if you had the courage to believe that one night could save America. We heard your answer loud and clear: YES. Today, you’re louder than ever. As we approach the fifth annual Purge, we are thrilled to say that 88% of Americans now support the 28th Amendment.

On behalf of the NFA, I want to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who has taken part in purging. Whether you participate in the hunt, lost a loved one during the Purge, or simply display your blue baptisias year after year, your commitment to cleansing our country has made all of this possible.

Have a safe night, America.