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Detroit, MI; Portland, OR; Miami, FL; San Diego, CA; and Las Vegas, NV were the top 5 destinations for the 2022 Purge. But a lot can change in a year!

Here’s a current rundown of what the NFFA is predicting will be national hot spots for the upcoming event. If you live in one of these cities or plan to travel to one (like last year, 2023 Purge travel remains tax deductible), it is recommended that you start preparing now.

5. San Francisco, CA

The technology boom has shown an influx of smart businesses and brought a staggering amount of money to the Bay Area over the last 30 years. It’s also brought major class tension that the Purge is designed to dispel. Note: For those that can’t make it, our nation’s most tech savvy city will be streaming its entire downtown surveillance feed live on the web.

4. Los Angeles, CA

Further south, Los Angeles has become a major player in the Purge over the last few years. While it boasts a massive population, it’s sprawling landscape once acted as a deterrent to hunters who found its pocket neighborhoods too limiting. The latest revival of Downtown L.A.’s historic core, however, now serves as a hub for Purge fanatics looking to let loose, so expect it to get wild.

3. New Orleans, LA

What lurks in the dark corners of the bayou? Some of the country’s most vocal and ardent Purge supporters, of course. Last year’s news of a band of hunters eliminating targets with the help of alligators still has everyone talking, and we expect that curiosity to make NOLA a major Purge destination this year.

2. New York, NY

With all 5 boroughs now offering housing subsidies to those that can prove their Purge participation, this will be the year that New York residents get out of their apartments and into the streets.

1. Las Vegas, NV

Sin City remains in the top spot for another year. The dry desert climate and over-the-top Purge night deals make it a destination without compare. Here, as usual, the Strip will be lit up like a carnival where anything and everything goes, and many casinos will have special Purge-style gambling incentives for hunters looking to truly go all or nothing.

Don’t forget: If you are traveling to a new area to purge, we strongly advise arriving early to better familiarize yourself with the area.

7 Responses to “Top 5 Cities for Purge 2023”

  • Can we set up in Cleveland please. Hey thanks

  • What about Syracuse! We could use some extra Purging!

  • We could use some purging down here in Houston, TX or any city in Texas. I think it’s needed because we do have a high crime rate and a medium poverty and job problem rate.

  • I really dont like the idea of the purdge. Think about it you will be killing alot of inisint children that have done nothing to anyone. Why would anybody think of the purdge. It is bad how people dont think about the childrens life. Have you ever wondered if this idea can ruin world history, or even it can ruin millions of childrens / pearants dreams of becoming what they want to become.

  • Really??????????? This is by far the worst idea for a movie. Seriously Hollywood, are we that uncreative ???

  • We’ll leave it up to God. Christians won’t be here for the “Purge” as you call it. It’s the devil working in the government because that’s what the devil wants. He wants all high power to rise above. & yet wants the people living in poverty to suffer. But that’s not what God says, or his word says. So, instead Christians won’t be here for this. Think about it, is this really going to help? Seriously, we should live by faith and not by sight.

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