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While most Americans still prefer to hunt locally, a growing number have begun seeking new challenges, resulting in a boom for The Purge tourism industry especially following news that 2022 Purge travel expenses will be tax deductible.

Considering a change of Purge scenery? Check out our picks for destination hunting this year:

5. Detroit, MI

Despite improvements to its economy after its takeover by the state in 2013, Detroit still ranks high in crime and unemployment. This year, Michigan is running an aggressive incentive campaign to boost purging, with a $250 per purge bounty offered to citizens who are currently employed full-time. Seasoned purgers could stand to make quite a killing!

4. Portland, OR

Ranked #1 for green purging, Portland is an eco-purger’s dream. The city’s BioMass Transit uses purged human remains to power its busses and unusable waste is disposed of through the environmentally friendly alkaline hydrolysis process.

3. Miami, FL

Each year, its  tropical climate and beaches lure purging coeds who wish to spend a so-called “second Spring Break” bettering the lives of others. The city does ask visitors keep their beaches clean by disposing of purged targets in designated receptacles.

2. San Diego, CA

You’ll find ample street targets in this SoCal city, as the homeless population continues to rise, driven out of Los Angeles by its national high purge rates.

1. Las Vegas, NV

Take advantage of deals offered by Sin City’s world famous hotels which hope to attract hunters to clean up their neck of the Strip by offering special rates, show tickets, complimentary weapon rentals and state-of-the-art lockdown security for the whole family.

Safety tip: When traveling somewhere new to purge, arrive early to familiarize yourself with the location. A little recon goes a long way!

One Response to “Top 5 Cities for Purging in 2022”

  • Thanks for the great locations for purging! I live in SLC, it gets so boring . Can’t wait to head to Vegas!

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